To The Moon

System: PC & OSX & Linux
Developer: Freebird Games
Publisher: Freebird Games
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07 Feb 2015
On load up, you are presented with a relaxing piece of music, with a dream like backdrop of the moon shining down over the game menus.

Starting the game, I was taken by surprise at how awful the graphics are. Undeterred as usual (graphics don't make a game good), I jump right into the game.

After a few minutes I'm starting to get bored, of having to read narration between the characters, yet I grind through in the hope there is something to this game.

A quarter of an hour in, I'm suddenly hooked. The story being told, has me wanting to continue this session. The music suits the game very well, and I have learned my vision to cope with the 2D, top down environment, that is very reminiscent of the early Zelda games.

The jist of the story; You take control of two doctors, that specialise in granting a dying person their last wish. Johnny is the patient, and he would like to go to the moon.

To achieve the patients dying wish, you must collect 5 pieces of Johnny's memoirs, to go back in time through the patients memories. Each memory segment holds clues, as to why Johnny wants to go to the moon.
Once all memoirs per memory segment are collected, you have to then prepare the memoirs, in a simple puzzle sub game.

I'm approaching nearly 4 hours in, and there's an unexpected twist (not giving this twist away, sorry). This story truly has me hooked to the characters by this point. That twist was followed by a moving song, with Johnny’s memories rewritten.
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I honestly thought it was the end of the game, yet it continues, it's now 6am and I'm tired. I just must absorb this game to it's end. I’m eager to know how it finishes.

Wow. What a well spent 5hours.

The game complete I can conclude that the poor graphics actually help you to visualise the story, as that is exactly what 'To the Moon' is; an interactive linear story. Actually, this game maybe should have been a movie blockbuster.

The in-game graphics were made using RPG Maker, which impacts the visuals a little. At first it looked a mess, until you start playing and you realise a lot of detail is in some scenery. Cut scenes and distant landscapes are actually very pleasing to the eyes

The only game I have ever been affected by emotionally, maybe being tired didn‘t help my emotions. I strongly recommend you play this at least once.

Recommended Specs

Drive Space
800 MHz
512 MB
100 MB



Overall Score




Available for PC, on Steam and GOG.
Also available for OSX and Linux