Stick of Truth (SouthPark)

System: PC & PS3 & Xbox
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment & South Park Digital Studios
Publisher: Ubisoft
24 Jan 2015
Being somewhat of a fan of the TV series, I was looking forward to this game, even though I'm not very keen on turn based games.

Heading into the game has you faced with a character creation process. Suddenly I remember why I hate turn based games, there is far too much customisation involved before heading into similar games of this genre.

However, Stick of Truths character creation is somewhat simple. The reason is totally understandable, as just like the TV show, the characters are in 2D, there’s not much you can do with a simple outline.

Once the character is created, which took just a few minutes, its time to enter your name. Suddenly, the humour of the show has begun, with Eric Cartman asking 'you have entered douchbag, is this correct? clicking either answer makes no difference. From now on, your name is douchbag.

The game is fully layered 2D. After a good few minutes, you are tricked/absorbed, into thinking you are actually playing/watching an episode of the TV series.

You have just moved into the street, and you parents force you out to make new friends. This is where you bump into Butters. You collect friends for a facebook like social network. Every 5 friends you make, allow you to unlock an ability or perk, of which help you to win battles more easily.

Your first battle takes place in Cartmans’ back garden, the Kingdom. Where you first encounter Kenny, as the princess. The battle is turn based, attacking and defending is just a case of reflex timing.

After a few battles and a good bit of exploring, (four sessions of 2hrs I've spent upto this point), it is very apparent that this game is addictive. The side missions are great too, in that you can carry these out simultaneously while you explore, which saves a heck of a lot of travelling to places you've already been.
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For places you do have to visit again, there's a handy way of transporting between locations, by using the bus stops throughout the game.

In one battle, I summoned Mr Slave, who wiped out all enemies with a crude but hilarious move, jumping on an enemy with his anus, or more simply put, taking the enemy in his anus. This grossed out the other enemies so much, that they ran off screen and passed out.

Yes, this game is definitely not for minors, as the game is full of crude and nude parts. When exploring, you literally don't know what you are going to see.

So not to spoil the game for you, I won't disclose other hilarious scenes, just take my work for it that this game is packed with humour.

So far I am thoroughly enjoying this game. If you are a fan of the TV show, or you have a great sense of humour, I highly recommend you try Stick of Truth out.

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Drive Space
2 Cores @2GHz
4 GB
6 GB



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Available for PC on Steam