System: PC
Developer: Handsome Games
Publisher: Handsome Games
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01 Mar 2015
Slips intro is straight to the point, Steve, your nemesis, has invented purple.

There are billboards along the landscape that Steve has placed, to help motivate you to die.

The aim of the game, is to get from one end of the level, to the other, while being chased by Steve with his purple beam. The beam will kill you on contact, so you are pretty much moving constantly. However, you do get enough time between you and Steve, to pause for a brief second should you need to.

Should you continue to move without stopping, you get a speed bonus and a light trail blurs behind you.

Sounds easy so far. Wrong, the level progression becomes more and more difficult, the further you advance, at a very high paced rate. Not only that, but you have to switch Slip between two colours, red and blue.

Colour switching is a core part of the gameplay. You must switch to the colour that corresponds to platforms, spikes, projectiles, and all other manner of interactive parts of the game.

Colour switching becomes confusing incredibly fast, due to the amount of fast switching required.

It becomes incredibly frustrating at times, thankfully there are checkpoints well positioned, most notably after a very tricky section of the current level.
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The landscapes look very blocky 8-bit like, think Minecraft. The interactive visuals, the most important for this type of game, are vibrant colours. This makes it easier for you to process obstacles, as you hurtle along non-stop.

I sat with this game for an hour, it's very addictive with that one more try element to it.

Slip should not be played if you need to relax, your reflexes are certainly needed for this.

Talk of relaxing, the music is very much so, which kind of takes away the urgency of completing the levels a little. Saying that, it also helps to stem any anger you may get because of failure.

Should the normal difficulty not piss you off enough, well you're in luck, as Slip comes with two harder difficulties. These increase the game speed by 10 and 20 percent respectively.

Slip is certainly worthy of your time, yet casual gamers may want to avoid this incredibly difficult game.

Recommended Specs


Drive Space
2.4 GHz
8600 GT
HD 3450
2 GB
4 GB



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Available on Steam.