Terminator 2 Judgement Day

System: Commodore 64
Developer: LJN
Publisher: Ocean
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11 Apr 2015
Seeing as the C64 version of the game, even though shares some of the other versions levels, it seemed unfair to bundle this as part of the Amiga review. So is it better?

In a word, yes.

The Commodore 64 version of T2JD, has intro audio, that kind of resembles the actual theme tune, in the way it fades in, with the main beat being familiar. Unfortunately, the melody is nowhere near familiar.

Then scrolling from bottom to top, is a portrait of the Endoskeleton, very impressive for an 8-bit machine.

Enter level one, a punch up in the hallway of a mall. Level one hard as hell (to be fair, Uncle Bob is the underdog of the game and film), as unlike the Amiga version, you have no weapon. The graphics of the main characters are average. Animation of the fight seems sluggish, which is awesomely in keeping with how it feels from controller to screen. The scenery is very T2 themed, metallic blue, and actually looks quite detailed.
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Level two, the bike scene along the storm drains. Though for some reason, the storm looks more like a dirt track full of sand. The bike steers slowly, as if it's a heavy beast, keeping somewhat the feel of a Harley.

Obstacles will slow you. It's doubtful you will complete this level on the first attempt, memorise and try again is the way to progress in this game. There's only one life, die, and you start again from level one.

Even in the film, Uncle Bob had a continue ffs!

Level three. Wrist reconstruction. You are shown the complete image on screen, short term memory comes in handy here, then you are on your own to get this done in a set time.
I can not remember the minimum you must get right to continue, as I usually complete the wrist and face puzzles 100 percent.

Level four. You take the role of Sarah Conner, armed with a baton, you must escape the nut house.

This scene is multiple floors and again relies on utter skill to complete on first attempt. Otherwise it's another memorise and try again level. There is only one route to the exit, yet finding that route can be difficult, as you must use the right elevators to navigate the building, while avoiding or fighting the staff.

Level five. Another one on one with the T-1000. This takes place in the corridor of the nut house.

Level six. Face reconstruction. You again are shown how it should look, before it disappears. You have a minute to do this in.

Level seven. Cyberdyne building. At last, you get to shoot a gun. Good job too, as everyone else has one. Just like the nut house, this is a multiple floor level, again you must find the right path (elevators) to the exit. A lot of ducking and timing is necessary to avoid death.

Level eight. A chase on the freeway. You must negociate the SWAT van through traffic, while being shot at by the T-1000 who has acquired a helicopter.

Level nine. The final one on one. The terminators are both in metallic form here. This is an extremely difficult fight, and can easily take a good five minutes to win.

The full game from start to finish, in a clean run, will take on average around 40 minutes. However you will find it might take you upto a handful of hours, depending on how fast you learn.

The Game sticks to the same order of the scenes, as they appear in the film. Not only does it stick to the timeline, bewteen levels you are presented with a small summary of what is happening. The end too, is faithful to the film.

In all, this is an okay version of Terminator 2 Judgement Day. Let down only by two things, the sound effects, and the difficulty.

Version Played, Cartridge.



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