Xbox One - MS You stupid F***tards!

12 June 2013

It's now become clear, the PS4 is going to urinate all over your grave. How can a powerful company get it so wrong? Oh yeah, you're focus is on the money, without a thought for the customers satisfaction. Tell me, are retarded monkey-fishes running the company nowadays?

Media Capabilities
No true gamer actually gives a shit about media capabilities. It's a nice touch, yet with the failure rate of the first xbox360s, do you really think most gamers will want to leave their consoles switched on to play a video? Whats worse, you recently touted Internet Explorer is the more green browser. Now you're encouraging people to use a console for everything. You do realise that dedicated dvd/bluray players are more green than a console, right?

Yes, blurt out some shit along the lines; 'but you can't stream video on a dvd/bluray player!'.

That maybe true for some people, yet the majority of people I know have a modern tv, or bluray player, you know, the type that have their own streaming apps and are network enabled, you might know them as a Smart TV... So smart, they don't need a fucking breeze block connecting between the source and the display. Oh, and that neglects the need to waste electricity on your heap of stinking elephant crap.

You have to be kidding with your recent advertising campaigns. If our privacy was important to you, then why the fuck are you making Kinect mandatory? We can turn it off, Whoopi-fucking-doo, I don't want it plugged in AT ALL until needed. Especially with the recent news about the PRISM program. Backdoor access anyone? Don't worry, MS will provide you an xbone in exchange for cash.

Now let me make this really clear to the, 'but if you have nothing to hide!', crowd;

You are the fucking flea's, riding on the backs, of them retarded monkey-fish'.

I haven't the time to tell you why here, as you would probably need brightly coloured diagrams, being pointed at and explained by, a stupid giant yellow nest dweller.

This has to be the most backwards step. Allowing publishers the option to restrict the used sales market, will kill your sales, seriously.

Because everyone else uses cars, lets do the same here.

I buy a car;
I do not own the rights to that car design.
I do not own the rights to any graphical imagery of that car.
I do not own the rights to the COMPUTER SOFTWARE (CODE) in that car. Yes, a car comes with computer software believe it or not.
I have a first time activation before being allowed to use the car (Vehicle Registration).

I have the right to sell that car once I've finished with it.
I have the right to alter any graphical imagery of that car (modding).
I have the right to alter the computer software in that car (ie tuning).
I have the right to transfer the activation (vehicle registration).

I buy a game;
I do not own the rights to the game design.
I do not own the rights to any graphical imagery of that game.
I do not own the rights to the game code.
I have a first time activation before being allowed to use the game.

Now, lets make this really clear, you THINK I don't have the following rights, yet courts will tell you otherwise, IN MY FUCKING FAVOUR;

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I have the right to sell that game once I've finished with it.
I have the right to alter any graphics for MY OWN NON-COMMERCIAL NON-PUBLIC USE (modding).
I have the right to alter any game code for MY OWN NON-COMMERCIAL NON-PUBLIC USE (modding).


I sell a car, the buyer pays me, nobody else, JUST ME. The activation (vehicle registration) is transfered AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. You know what else? The company that sold me the car, doesn't get any further money, from neither me, nor the second user.

Now those that support giving cash to the original manufacturer (aka publisher) for a secondhand product, get your fucking heads from out of your ass.

A car gets wear and tear with age and loses value. Guess how a game (data, bits and bytes) loses value? It gets obsolete with age AND LOSES VALUE!

In Erect-in-an-Asshole's case, they'll switch off the server for an old game so it won't fucking work anyway.. and yet you think they still deserve a cut from the second sale? Go get your fucking head checked out, ffs.

What the fook? I reside in a home, not a fucking prison.

Lets take a few scenario's here, to show why this is even more fucktarded;

Lose your job, sacraficies have to be made. Somehow I think food and shelter are both more important than the internet, and the internet isn't cheap, especially when you haven't disposable income. So after a hard day of mooching here there and everywhere searching for a job, you want to relax. As usual, TV is full of shit, and worse, advertising shit at you, that you can't afford. Time to rock out the Xbox One... SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT! No internet, no xbox one gaming.

Your other halve kicks you out for whatever reason, throws your clothes and xbox one at you, probably cursing at the xbox for the reason of all this to begin with. You are depressed, you find somewhere to stay for a few days, unfortunately there isn't no internet. No internet, no xbox one gaming.

Your area floods, you have restored power on the first floor. Unfortunately, your telephone point is on the groundfloor, still under a foot of water, and damaged. It will be weeks before internet is restored to your property. During the days you work hard trying to clean up the mess. During the evening you just want to relax with a game or two. No internet, no... you get the idea.

Well Micrococks, let me tell you this as a matter of fact. So far out of my xbox 360 owning friends, with myself included, five of us are getting a Sony Playstation 4, and skipping the Xbox One. I think it's very safe to say, YOU FUCKED UP.